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Multi color flower umbrella

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    Odisha is the land of varied cultures and tribes which gives birth to various forms of exquisite art works which exhibit the skill, talent, creativity and hard-work of the artisans of Odisha. Appliqué work is a big example of such art forms. Originated from a small village this art form is stealing hearts with its varied colorful patterns and designs over the piece of cloth.

    Here the umbrella is made out of alternate cloth combination of red, blue, green and yellow clothes. Here the white and red wavy patterns stitched to the base giving it a bright appearance. With small round mirrors in between the flower patterns all over the umbrella, it looks absolutely beautiful which will leave a statement behind. Floral patterns created out of the thin laces giving the umbrella a soft yet stylish appearance. Grab this attractive piece at a very affordable price from crafts Odisha site.