Black Narasimha Killing Hiranyakasyap Painting

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Material: Canvas
Dimension(W:H:L): 18:12
Weight: 0.1 kg

Description: Black Narasimha Killing Hiranyakasyap Painting.This painting is a gesture of good over evil. Dark finish background with color makes an engaging impression. 

Pattachitra art is the age-old art of Odisha. It depicts stories through motifs, various patterns, and designs mostly upon the stories regarding Hindu deities.

Five colors white, red, yellow, green, black, known as Pancha Tatwa carry out to color the Picture. The white color procured by soaking, drying, and churning seashell, The red extract from Hingula stone, a local stone named  Haritlal used in yellow, Green is obtained from leaves and green stones, and black is bring off from lampblack, or either from burning coconut shell.120 more colors are used by mixing of the Pancha Tatwa. The hair of, mouse, buffalo, and Keya roots are used to make the brush for the canvas. And it is then tied to a bamboo stick for the brush handle. The flower border on the painting makes it more particular.

Lord Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Half man half lion form. He appeared in this avatar to save his devotee from his demon father Hiranyakashyapa. He was continuously tortured by his father for becoming an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyapa has received a special boon from Lord Bramha that he neither be killed by humans nor by any animal, couldn’t be killed by any weapon, neither in day nor in the night, neither in the sky, water, or on land. So Hiranyakashyapa was killed by Lord Narasimha on his lap using his nails in the evening hours. 

Lord Vishnu always takes birth on earth from time to time, to obliterate evil, protect people from cruelty and establish Dharma. This Avatar has been taken in Satya Yuga. Alion head with a human torso and lower body. A fierce look and protruding eyes. Holding conch and Chakra in upper both hands, and tearing the demon in his lower hands. 

Lord Narasimha bestows his devotee with, longevity, success, wealth, mitigating sins, fulfilling honest desires, warding off negative energies, leading towards liberation. A must-have canvas at home or office to rip of the benefit. 

Care: Dusting can be done using a soft cloth or brush to ward off the dirt.

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Weight0.1 kg
Height: 18in    Width: 12in    Length: in
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Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


Wipe it with soft cloth