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Apsara sculptures:

Apsaras are semi-divine beings in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In accordance with Indian religion and mythology, the heavenly singers and dancers, together with the Gandharvas, or celestial musicians, settle the heaven of the god Indra, the lord of the sky.

Apsaras are able to change their bodies at will and especially rule over the serendipity of gaming and gambling. Urvasi, Menaka, Rambha, and Tilottama are the most prominent among them.

The Apsara sculptures are said to bring good luck. The statue of Apsara stands relaxedly in a Tribhanga pose, a gentle, curving S-shaped stance formed by three bends in the body at the neck, waist, and knee.

Apsara sculpture Khajuraho:

Famous for its erotic sculptures. The Khajuraho Group of Monuments has been noted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 and is considered one of the “seven wonders” of India.

This sensual, apsara sculpture Khajuraho came from the walls of a Hindu temple at Khajuraho in North India thought to personify the performing arts.

What is the secret of the Khajuraho temple?

The sculptures on the temple walls represent the purposes of human life founded on Hinduism (Dharma, Kama, Artha, Moksha). So, Kama is what these sensual statues symbolize. Apsara is a young and elegant female inhabitant of the heavenly planets, who gives seductive pleasure to men and demigods. Apsaras have beautiful bodily features and their singing and dancing seduce men.


Salabhanjika angels are female physiques shown next to or under a tree. Also known as Shilabalika (when standing next to a sala tree), they are extremely beautiful.

 They are also named Madanakai or Madanika meaning a gorgeous woman with certain mystical and magical characteristics. The female sculpture can be a part of this intricate seeable stimulation, adding a touch of intricacy or playfulness to the outdoorsy.

An Apsara sculpture adds a refined touch to the overall decor. The large statues are great for making a strong focal point or making a statement, you can also get a similar effect with a display of small statues like the female angel statue, a man and woman embarrassing statue, a praying angel statue, etc.

How to decorate Apsara statues:

There are different ways where you can exhibit your Apsara sculptures:-

  • A namaste statue or a welcome lady statue at the entranceway of a home, hotel, garden, or park.
  • Displaying the sitting angel statue, the female angel statue, stone angel statue in your landscaping, park, or garden to accentuate these ornaments and make them stand out more.
  • A women's statue can be well adorned at the doorway or passageway, hallway, the corridor of the home, hotel, or restaurant with various other women realistic statues – like Greek sculptures of women, naked women statues, female torso sculptures, etc.
  • An ideal present for weddings, birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, Christmas, housewarming, new couples, thanksgiving day, mother's day, etc.

Female Indian sculptures

The female sculptures are excellent and very impressive. A graceful addition to the Gazebo,  gardens, lawns, and even the reception area. Appealingly elaborate, lifelike facial expressions are significantly expressed.

Women sculpture:

This female Indian sculpture traditional statue can be incorporated on a plinth. The popular female statue especially denotes an excellent value for a heavy, solid classic sculpture. A most pleasing concrete female sculpture will add a classically graceful touch to any outdoor and indoor decor. The women's realistic statue would be an extremely wonderful addition to commercial premises.

Man and women statue:

It possesses a very pleasant and romantic atmosphere, beautifully detailed. Its true value comes not from its size, but from how the design has grabbed the moment.

These Apsara statues come in many different sizes and shapes with a common trait of being highly resistant to the harsh weather situations they would have to bear when displayed outside.

Let your flowers and plants compliment their looks without taking away the spotlight and highlight the ornaments even more.

Relying on the type and style of your women's sculpture you also have to think about the viewing angles the artwork is seeable from. It is necessary to consider how you present your garden statues since human sculptures for example look very different depending on the angles they are seen from.

Greek Influences on Indian Sculpture:

A sculpture where they are visible nicely serves as delightful little surprises for spectators.

The Apsara sculptures are a great option for any garden size, the only thing that matters is that you remain classy. Greek statues of female, Greek sculpture women, Greek sculptures of women's bodies, and female Greek statues, of Greek statue women, reflect the legacy of the Greek artistic influence.

Angel statue:

Angels embody the connection between heaven and earth, as well as potency, serenity, faith, protection, and magnificence. Greek sculptures, whipping angels, cherub angels (baby angel statue), guardian angels, angel garden statues, angel sculptures, marble angels, black angel statues, and angelic figurines often placed at Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Decor Ornament, We found angels in churches, at religious ceremonies, and in homes, often described as protective souls that make people feel peaceful and calm. It’s a way to cure, mitigate, rescue, and motivate people. By placing angels into memorials, families can feel at peace knowing that their loved ones are guided by these symbolic figures. The angelic figurines are fit for all homes of countertops, shelves, bedside tables, mantels, lawns, gardens, gazebos, decks, patios, porches, entryways, and more.

The exquisite sculptures are made from durable and sturdy materials like Sandstone, pink stone, soapstone and black stone or granite stone. The artistic detail of this design is finished by the proficient artist of CRAFTS ODISHA, an investment in classic sculpture worthy of a place of honor.

You can order Apsara Sculpture Khajuraho or female Indian Sculpture or Angel Statue of your selected choice. We are committed to delivering to you in a stipulated time. We deliver to different cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc while also transporting internationally to various countries.

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