Ganesha Statues

Explore wide collection of stone Ganesha Statues online. Buy small to big  unique and stylish new style Ganesh Murti and more for Home and Garden at best prices.

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Welcome to our Ganesha Statue page where you can find a vast range of stone Ganesha statues that can add a touch of spirituality and aesthetics to your home, car, or garden. Our collection includes unique and stylish new style Ganesh Murti, Laxmi Ganesh Murti, and Gauri Ganpati Murti. We offer different materials like black stone, marble, pink soapstone, and more.

Looking for a Ganesha statue near you? We offer shipping across India, so you can order from the comfort of your home and get it delivered to your doorstep. Our collection includes a variety of sizes, from small Ganpati Murti to big Ganesh Murti. You can choose from a range of elephant-headed Ganapati idols that can be placed in your car dashboard or home entrance to bring good luck and prosperity.

If you are looking for an outdoor Ganesha statue, we have you covered. Our collection includes outdoor Ganesh statues that are made with durable materials to withstand various weather conditions. You can also find a unique black stone Vinayagar statue that can add a rustic touch to your garden or patio.

If you are planning to gift a Ganesha statue, we offer different sizes and styles to choose from. You can find a stylish new style Ganesh Murti that is perfect for gifting to your loved ones on special occasions.

Our collection includes various sizes of Ganesh Murti, ranging from 1 feet to 20 feet and more. You can find 2 feet Ganesh price, 3 feet Ganesh Murti price, 4 feet Ganesh Murti price, 5 feet Ganesh Murti price, 6 feet Ganesh Murti price, 12 feet Ganesh Murti price, and more. Our collection offers affordable prices that can fit your budget.

In conclusion, whether you are looking for a Ganesha statue for your home, car, or garden, our collection offers a variety of unique and stylish new style Ganesh Murti that can fit your style and budget. Place your order today and bring home the divine blessings of Lord Ganesha.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What materials are the Ganesha statues made of?

A: Our collection includes stone, marble, and soapstone Ganesha idols.

Q: What sizes are the Ganesha statues available in?

A: We offer a variety of sizes ranging from small to large, up to 20 feet in height.

Q: Do you offer Ganesha idols for car dashboards?

A: Yes, we have Ganesha idols that are perfect for car dashboards.

Q: Are the Ganesha statues suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, we have outdoor garden statues that are suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Do you offer Ganesha idols for gift purposes?

A: Yes, we have Ganesh idols for gifts that are perfect for any occasion, including weddings, housewarming ceremonies, and birthdays.

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