Soapstone Lord Ganesha Sculpture 27 in

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This Ganesha Stone sculpture is a magnificent petroglyph of artisans. The finishing cut and detail hand carving around the Ganesha Stone Sculptures is so luring. In this statute Lord Ganesha showed in Abhay mudra, sitting in a  beautiful temple vibe porch structure pavilion with his vahana bandicoot rat.
Material: Soapstone/Pink stone
Dimension (HWL): 27 x 16 x 6.6 inch
Positioning: Sitting

The goads he is holding in the upper right-hand helps to eliminate obstacles from the path of human, in his upper left hand he is holding noose to capture all hardship of the human, the lower right hand he is holding the sweet goody signifies the reward of concise life, and in the lower left hand, he is shown blessing his devotee. In this statue, Ganesha is seen with a bowl of ladoos in the middle and two rats in his both side looking up at him, but not ingesting the ladoos without his permission is a clear symbol of how our desires are under our control if we wish to. His broken tusk is a symbol of nonduality.
There is a story behind the broken tusk in our Purana, when sage veda Vyasa recite verses of Mahabharata to lord Ganesha at such a speed that it was difficult for lord Ganesha to caught up with him so he speeds up his feather pen with more energy in which the pen broke suddenly in the middle of the verses so without interrupting sage Vyasa Lord Ganesha immediately broke one of his tusks and keep writing, from that day he known as “Ekdanta” the lord with a single tusk. The Lord gave up his own tusk, assuring his devotee of selfless love and sacrifice for their sake.

Lord Ganesha provides the earliest attainment of all prayers. Bring success in all endeavors and oust all hurdles of life. He blesses the admirer with high intellect, wisdom, and kismet. The Ganesha God Statue also helps to remove negative energy, Vaastu defects, and spread positivity in the surrounding. An auspicious choice of gift to present at the wedding, birthday, home warming, etc.

Placement: East or west direction is preferable for the idol. Apart from the direction one thing that must be considered is the right choice of the background as the idol is totally white in color the background should not be white or any light-colored, more contrast background is preferable.

Care: Dusting should be done with a fiber cloth or broom gently on the statue, or you can use a small brush to clean the surface of the statue.

“Make a statement, enhance the decor with the brilliant stone sculpture”.

Additional information

Height: 27in    Width: 16in    Length: 6.6in
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Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

2 ft