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The Sandstone Sitting Ganesha statue (2 feet) can add a point of interest & a finishing touch to your living room’s interior. Pick up this Sandstone creation of CRAFTS ODISHA for a reclaimed look.

Material: Sandstone / Redstone
Dimension( WHL):
 24 x 13 x 7 inch
2 ft

Delineation of the sitting Ganesha : 

  • It’s a statue of the vanquisher of hindrances “Lord Ganesha”.
  • Shri Ganesha signifies the beginning of something, specifically the beginning of something auspicious and positive.
  • Sitting in Lalitasana on a base design like a lotus. Beneath him, his mount mouse is also seen eying his master with folded hands.
  • With his four hands, Lord Ganesha is holding a noose, goad, his broken tusk, and his favorite sweets.
The stone sitting Ganapati Murti: 
  • The elephant head symbolizes strength, sovereignty, calmness, power, wisdom, and knowledge.
  • Lord Ganesha is the head of the ganas of Lord Shiva.
  • His forward-facing trunk symbolizes the kundalini shakti has reached the Sahasrara (crown chakra) permanently.
  • Goddess Parvati made Ganesha using sandalwood & gave life to the boy while Shiva was away.
  • While taking bath, she assigned him to guard the entrance of her house.
  • When Shiva returned, willing to meet Parvati, he faces Ganesha who did not let him pass through the door, leading to a conflict between them. Eventually, Shiva, the lord of destruction, chops off Ganesha’s head in rage.
  • Parvati was not happy with such scenery. She asked Shiva to arrange and fix about it.
  •  Lord Shiva after knowing the whole story fixed the head of an elephant upon him and this way Ganesha was born again. The rebirth of this elephant-headed boy is celebrated as Ganesha Chaturthi.
Tips to decor the middle trunk Sushumna Ganesha Murti: 
  • Create a wow-inducing focal point, by incorporating the attractive statue on the end table beside your couch in the living room.
  • Break up the monotony of a space, by exhibiting the statue on a pedestal near a vacant space.
  • If you have a dead corner or nooks inject energy and drama into the space with the dramatic statue.
  • Make it a great focal point and conversation starter by displaying it in the foyer or at the entryway of your home over a console or sideboard.
  • Setting him in the library, college entrances, or study room encourages a restful environment.
  • Create balance with a sculpture that matches the room’s accent colors.
  • An extremely textured statue makes a great juxtaposition to smooth glossy surfaces, and vice versa.
  • At the end of the day, it’s you who has to live with it, so the piece should speak to you, inspire you, move you, and lift your spirits, so place it where you feel more homely.
  • Welcome your guest with the beautiful statue at either side of the restaurant or hotel.
Benefits of the Ganesha Murti on its devotee’s life:
  • You may get freed from the troubles of life, as Lord Ganesha is the symbol of Vighnaharta.
  •  Lord Ganesha bestows his devotee’s success in all walks of life.
  • He provides relief from the inauspicious impacts of planet Ketu.
Tips for cleaner Ganesha decor:
  • Upkeep your Ganesha God statue with minimal effort.
  • Wipe the Ganesha decor using a soft bristle brush or broom to get rid of any loose dust over it. You may use water also to cleanse.

Additional information

Height: 24in    Width: 13in    Length: 7in
Stone Type


This product can be used for indoor, outdoor or garden decoration purposes.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

2 ft

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