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Finished in brilliant weathered finish to serve as a versatile decor element for endless decorative possibilities throughout the outdoor. The sandstone sitting Ganesha is a tremendous sense of sculptural appeal and charismatic personality.

Material: Sandstone / Redstone  
 24 x 11 x 7 inch
2 ft

Illustration of the sitting Ganesha : 

  • The statue here described is the harbinger of auspiciousness “Lord Ganesha”.
  • Shri Ganesh illustrates the beginning, notably the beginning of something auspicious and positive.
  • Sitting in Lalitasana on a base design like a lotus. Beneath him, his mount mouse is also seen contemplating his master with folded hands.
  • With his four hands, Lord Ganesha is holding a noose, goad, his broken tusk, and his favorite sweets.
The sitting Ganesha idol: 
  • The God of prosperity and good health, therefore, every Indian worships at the start of any auspicious event.
  • Lord Ganesha is the head of all ganas of Lord Shiva.
  • Goddess Parvati created him using dirt from her body & gave life to the boy while Shiva was out.
  • She posted Ganesha to guard the entrance of Kailasha while taking a bath.
  • Meanwhile, Shiva returned &  willing to meet Parvati, where he face to face with Ganesha who did not let him enter his abode, leading to a conflict between them. Eventually, Lord Shiva chops off Ganesha’s head in anger.
  • Parvati was not happy with such scenery. She presented the whole picture and requested Lord Shiva to bring his son to life.
  •  Lord Shiva after understanding the entire story fixed a head of an elephant upon him and this way Ganesha was born again. The rebirth of this elephant-headed boy is celebrated as Ganesha Chaturthi.
Tips to decor the Ganesha Murti: 
  • Surround your garden sculpture with rocks like polished stones or gravel, instead of plants and flowers.
  • The sculpture would be best suited amid some greenery. Just be sure to place it among plants that won’t overgrow the statue itself as it would be hidden from the eye.
  • Another awesome idea is to highlight one of your cherished and best garden statues by framing it in an arbor, or pergola.
  • They are a wonderful way to leave a lasting remembrance of their final resting place.
  •  you’ll see how amazing your backyard becomes with some cool concrete lawn ornaments.
  • Standing alone in the confines of a full flower bed, these sculptures are sure to make you smile while you’re enjoying the great outdoors.
  •  Effortlessly sits on the edge of hedges ad bushes that gorgeous finishing touch every garden needs.
  • Statue them at the entrance, porch, or foyer pays homage to the guests.
Benefits of the Ganesha Murti on its devotee’s life:
  • You will get rid of the crises in your life, as Lord Ganesha is known as the  Vighnaharta.
  •  Lord Ganesha grants his devotees triumph in all walks of life.
  • He equips reassurance from the inauspicious impacts of planet Ketu.
Cleaning Ganesha decor:
  • Remove loose dust and soil with a vacuum. or
  • Use the sponge or cloth to wipe over the marble statue after dipping it in soapy water. In the bucket, rinse the sponge or cloth frequently.
  • Remove any residue from the marble statue by thoroughly rinsing it and drying it with a towel.

Additional information

Height: 24in    Width: 11in    Length: 7in
Stone Type


This Ganesh statue can be placed to enhance your entrance or garden area

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

2 ft

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