Sand Stone Sitting Ganesha 2ft 5

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Sandstone Sitting Ganesha 2ft 5 is a clearly defined model, sitting on his vintage position “Lalitasana”.  Seated open a large lotus flower, this mudra always portrays the composed and poised state of mind of the Ganesha God.
Material: Sandstone/Redstone
Height: 2 ft (approx.)
Dimension: (HWL) : 24 x 13 x 7 inch
Position: Sitting

Lord Ganesha has always seen showering bestow on his devotees, with wisdom and prosperity. The posture with one foot on the ground and another folded up conveys to us, that even if living in a materialistic world we must be attached to spirituality.This beautiful piece of Ganesha stone sculpture has four arms each of which holding a varied item. In his right upper arm, he is holding a goad or Ankush, in the left upper arm, he is holding paasa, or noose, both of which use to control an animal. Human intellect is like that of an animal that needs to be controlled, here the goad represents how lord Ganesha direct his devotee on the righteous path. The noose is worldly desire, which lord Ganesha use to pull up his devotees with the truth. The lower hands are in the salvation pose. Where he protects his devotees from harm and threats. The god’s statues are incomplete without his mount mushika.  The mouse is a greedy animal that keeps searching and nibble whatever he finds, a representation of human desire and pride that get out of control, and destroys the goodness of the human. So by controlling the mouse Lord Ganesha depicts that our desires, emotion, pride need to be in our control.

Lord Ganesha has always dole the devotee the rewards of his spiritual and worthy action.  He grants his devotees eternal knowledge, liberation, supreme consciousness.  In terms of decor, this alluring earthy colored Ganesha definitely enhances the positive vibe in your space as well as fits into any indoor or outdoor space of your choice.

Placing: advisable to place the idol face in the north direction. North or west also be a preferable choice. Avoid placing him south direction is considered very inauspicious.

Care: sandstones are way easier to clean,  simply dust the  Ganesha stone sculptures with a cotton or fiber cloth.

“Simple yet beautifully tarnish surreal beauty.”

Additional information

Height: 24in    Width: 13in    Length: 7in
Stone Type


Can be used for indoor or outdoor purpose

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

2 ft

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