Chaturbhuja Vastu Ganesh Ji Blessing Statue 2 ft

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The majestic idol of Lord Ganesha sitting on a lotus. The divine deity is crafted with perfection from a single stone of granite.  This form of his posture is known as SANKATAHARA GANPATI (dispeller of sorrow). Has four arms that hold his usual attributes, a bowl of sweets, a goad,  a noose, and a traditional pose of blessing.

Material: Granite stone/ Blackstone
Dimension (HWL): 24 x 15 x 8 inch

Height: 2 ft
Positiong:  SittingThe birth of Lord Ganesha unfolded when goddess Parvati taking a bath and prohibit to keep anyone from disturbing her, she made a child out of the dirt from her body and gave it to life, and ask the boy to be a guard while she bathes, meanwhile Lord Shiva arrived and wanted to barge at goddess Parvati, the child Ganesha barred him from that which makes Lord Shiva so angry and he cuts off the child’s head. Later with the request of goddess Parvati, Lord Shiva restored the life by placing an elephant calf on the boy’s body and thus Lord Ganesha was created.  He is holding an axe in his upper right arm which represents the demolition of desire, a noose (pasha) in the upper left to capture hurdles, the hand full of sweets is a reward of spiritual life and finally blessing his fellows from all sorrows and obstacles.  The rat resembles the desires of our life to be restrained. This idol carries an important message about how we need to live our lives and does not fall into the trap of unintelligence and obstacles.

Black Ganesha idols reflect ability, divinity, and perfection. Admiring him all hardship of our life will disappear and Ganesha will show you the righteous way of pursuing your life. Ganesha awakens our minds with intelligence and helps us find peace and wisdom worshipping him protected us from evil sources, and was beneficial for health and happiness, and overcome misfortune. The idol can be used as a spiritual gift, wedding gift, birthday gift, Diwali gift, etc.

Placing: Ganesha Idol should be placed in the east or the west directions of the house. The northeast corner of the house or office is the best location to set up the Ganesha idol.

Care: Wet or dry cloth can be used to wipe out the dirt.

Make your home or office more charming with Ganesha God Statue made from black stone and spread positivity all around it.

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Height: 24in    Width: 15in    Length: 8in
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Bring this Ganesha home or decorate your office or gift them to your beloved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

2 ft