Soapstone God Ganesha Big Statue 37 inch

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The excellent fine carved Lord Ganesha statue is difficult to eyes off from the detailing. The perfection of craftsmen has been seen in every touch in the stone sculpture of this idol. It is the finest and exquisite masterpiece of skilled artisans. Standing on a lotus platform beneath which a temple-designed porch with many artistic carved of swans, Paddy, rats, and flowers.
Material: Soapstone/Pink stone
Height: 3 ft (approx.)
Dimension(HWL):  37 x 20 x 12 inch
Positions : Standing
Holding a goad to spur the evil and hardship, an axe to cut the bond of illiteracy, a sprig of paddy, a kalpavriksha sprig(wish-fulfilling tree), a bowl of pudding, and bestow blessing to the believer.
Lord Ganesha is associate with agriculture. The mother earth is known as Goddess Parvati and the sky is seen as Lord Shiva, the father. When there is rain the mother earth becomes wet, (as a symbol of bathing) and crop arises from the  ground,(symbolizes the birth of Ganesha)once the crop is ripe it is hewed.,hence chopping of Lord Ganesha’s head outspread.  This is why he is seen with a spike of peddy. The food at his feet objectifies material wealth and power. The mouse typifies desire and senses, Lord Ganesha controls the mouse. Which has a message that if people retain the desire under control then they will be wise and knowledgeable.Ganesha god is known for removing grievous effectiveness, from personal and professional lives. Also, protrude positive premonition in the environment. Giving away yourself to Lord Ganesha,  will unambiguous the best of all opportunity undoubtedly and transform all difficulty into fortuity. Also, the stone sculptures amplify the decor with a touch of classy and spirituality of your space.

Placing: To reinforce success and happiness,  west, east, and northeast are the best directions to place Ganesha Stone Sculptures. Under the staircase, or south direction are considered inauspicious.

Care: Caring for soapstone idols is very simple, more than water gentle wiping with a fabric piece of cloth or broom is advisable. Don’t use an abrasive cleanser, or rinse the surface with any hard material.

Crafted with absolute detail, the sculpture is able to leave a lasting impression on anyone.”

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Weight150 kg
Height: 37in    Width: 20in    Length: 12in
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Bring this Ganesha home or decorate your office or gift them to your beloved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

3 ft