Apsara doing Namaste Sandstone Garden Statue 48 inch C13

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    The powerful Garden statue provides an architectural-inspired look stands as a statement piece into your decoration. Get creative with the Apsara doing Namaste statue of 4 ft lends an antique look, making this ideal for a classic theme.

    Material: Sandstone / Khondalite Stone
    Height: 4 ft (approx.)
    Dimension(HWL): 48 x 19 x 11 inch
    Position: Standing

    Call attention to the celestial stunner:

    • The eyeful statue standing over a lotus base, welcoming in traditional Indian namaste posture.
    • Various jewelry like armlets, bangles, necklaces, hair accessories, the Dhoti she is wearing in her lower body is carved so delicately by the craftsman.
    • The humble smile with visual communication is well-defined in the sculpture.
    • The elegant decorative stone statue is carved by the skilled artisans of Odisha, where stone carving is a major handicraft that earned fame globally, for its intricate design.
    Apsaras: The epitome of beauty and the celestial entertainers
    • Apsara’s are beautiful seductive women, performing artists to the gods.
    • They emerged from the churning of the milk ocean.
    • They are said to be the wives of Gandharvas, living in the palace of Lord Indra.
    • Apsaras are singers, dancers and courtesans.
    Suggestion for placing of the welcoming decorative stone statue:
    • A lovely piece, to be used in your interior designing of the home, hotel, restaurant palace to add more charm to the decor themes.
    • Welcome your guest with an inviting gesture by placing it at each side of the entrance of your home, restaurant, and marriage hall, etc.
    • You can add this genial beauty to your garden area, backyard, park, and your landscaping design to amplify the atmosphere with a more vintage vibe.
    • Gift wrap this welcoming sculpt as a gift for your dear one on their special occasion.
    Few caring guides and tips for  the elegant decorative sandstone sculpture:
    • The beautiful statue is made of Sandstone, which is a weather-resistant material.
    • Sandstone is a very durable material that required super low maintenance.
    • You can simply clean the statue with a piece of cloth or broom over the surface.
    • Dusting should be done periodically, so, dirt will not accumulate over the surface of the decorative stone.

    Additional information

    Height: 48in    Width: 19in    Length: 11in
    Stone Type


    Place this charm at entrance of your home or office or in the garden area.

    Statue Care

    Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Statue Height

    4 ft

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