Colourful Maa Lakshmi Pattachitra Canvas Painting

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Material: Canvas cloth
Dimension(W:H:L): 19:13
Weight: 0.1 kg

Description: Colorful Maa Lakshmi Pattachitra Canvas Painting. Splash of contemporary color to pop up on any of your walls. A charming option to spread divinity all around. 

The art of Pattachitra dates back over a thousand years. A traditional art depicts stories of Hindu deities. It displays stories through motifs, design, and various patterns. 

The smearing of colors is purely natural. Five colors white, red, yellow, green, black, known as Pancha Tatwa been used to color the canvas. The white color is procured by soaking, drying, and churning seashell, The red color is derived from a stone named Hingula, yellow is obtained from a stone Haritlal, Green is secured from leaves and green stones, and black is obtained from lampblack, or either from burning coconut shell.120 more colors are used by mixing of the Pancha Tatwa color. The hair of, mouse, buffalo, and Keya roots are used for brush for the painting. It is tied to a bamboo stick as a brush handle. The flower border on the painting makes it more impressive 

Laxmi is the household goddess of most Hindu families. The word Laxmi is derived from the Sanskrit words Lakshya.She is the goddess of wealth and prosperity and fortune. Goddess Laxmi rises out of the churning of the milky ocean, known as  “Khira Sagar” during the tug of war between the god and demons, seated on a full blossomed lotus. She herself choose Lord Vishnu as her husband. 

Se has always been associated with Lord Vishnu. Whenever Lord Vishnu, took birth on earth in human form, goddess Laxmi also incarnated as human form along with him. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Vamana, Goddess Laxmi incarnated as the Padma. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Parasurama, Goddess Laxmi incarnated as Dharani. When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Krishna, Goddess Laxmi incarnated as Rukmani.  When Lord Vishnu incarnated as Rama, Goddess Laxmi incarnated as Sita. 

The pictorial depiction shows her with four arms, holding a lotus in both upper hands. Right hands gesture the Varada mudra which bestows wealth and prosperity and the left in Abhay mudra, she bestows courage and strength to the devotee. Sitting upon a full blossomed lotus, often in the blue ocean. Always with a calm and soothing expression. 

She resides in places of hard work, bravery, and integrity. It is very auspicious to have a picture of her in office, shops, wherever monetary transaction takes place. In a festival like  Dewali, you can consider it as an uncommon gift to your dear one or for your employee.

Care: Use a cotton cloth to wipe down the surface

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Weight0.1 kg
Height: 19in    Width: 13in    Length: in
Art Form



Without Frame


Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


Wipe it with soft cloth