Dhyana Mudra Meditation Buddha Statue from Off White Sandstone 3 ft

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The Dhyana mudra makes this Buddha statue an excellent choice for meditation areas in your alter. The Dhyana Mudra Meditation Buddha statue from off white Sandtone statue that highlights its rich detailing throughout.

Material: Off-white Sandstone statue
Dimension(HWL): 36 x 25 x 12 inch
Height: 3ft
Position: Sitting

About the rustic garden statue of Dhyana Mudra of Lord Buddha:

  • It’s a statue of Gautama Buddha in Dhyana Mudra.
  • Lord Buddha is sitting on a square plinth in the lotus pose.
  • In this form Buddha is seen sitting with his legs folded, face up and hands lying on the lap.
  •  His eyes are partially closed as he is in deep meditation.
  • Buddha means the “Enlighted one”.
  • Born as a prince with the name of Siddhartha Gautama in Kapilavastu.
  • His life takes a massive turn at the age of 29  when he is faced with the suffering of the world.
  • He left the luxurious life and meditated under a Bodhi tree to find the answer.
  • His preservice was answered after 6 years of meditation.
  • Rest of his life he spent teaching others after attaining enlightenment.
Add some peace and tranquil atmosphere to your garden:
  • A blossom tree is always a welcome addition to any garden, and incorporating the meditation Buddha statue near it will enhance the tranquil feeling in the environment.
  • Fine gravel or sand is one of the most common features, to emplace the statue.
  • To recreate the authentic look, add a dedicated gravel area to your plot, perhaps with a border of larger rocks around the sculpture.
  • A central tree, such as this impressive Acer, can make a striking focal point and is a means to get creative with sculpture.
  •  try a circular pattern around a sculpture, whilst the rest of the area can be raked into orderly straight lines for a gentle contrast.
  • Add positioning large stones and rocks as focal features in your plot. They will provide a sculptural element in a naturalistic way.
Benefits of the meditating Buddha garden statue:
  • You will achieve inner peace by meditating Buddha statue.
  • It reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Also, bring peace and harmony to your home and life and unusual problems will fall away.
Tips for cleaning the meditation Buddha statue:
  • The procedure should start with housing the statue first.
  • When the statue gets wet scrub and rinses t well with a sponge or cotton cloth.
  • Once done with rinsing and cleaning all amass, now give the statue a final shower and let it air dry.

Additional information

Height: 36in    Width: 25in    Length: 12in
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This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration

Statue Care

Clean With Water, Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

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Statue Height

3 ft