Eggplant color tree Tasar Painting 20 x 42 in

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Eggplant color tree Tasar Painting 20 x 42 in. Nature-inspired classical touch with contemporary design and delightful approach on the wall with minimal color.

The famous art of Odisha, Pattachitra. An expressive mythological tale of emotion, display through the pattern, motifs, and design. A true reflection of ancient art through sheer grace.

The colors used in the painting are purely made from natural ingredients. The white color extract from seashells was powdered soaked to make the white paste. The color green is made from the green leaf and green stones. Red is made from a local stone called Hingula. Another stone named Khandaneela was used to extract the color blue. The yellow is made from, stone named Hartal. Black is extracted by burnt coconut shell. These five colors are also called Pancha Tatwa. Every color has  its own significance, as the white illustrates Laughter (Hasya), Red stands furious, astonishment in yellow. The hair of the mouse and Buffalo used to make brushes and tied to the end of a bamboo stick. The floral border makes the art astonishingly beautiful.

The trees branches are reaching up to the sky, which symbolizes growth and the deep roots into the soil symbolize stabilization. The tree symbolizes fertility, never stopping growing likewise men should gain knowledge and experience throughout their lifetime. Branches sprouting of different points and different direction symbolize a person’s different experiences shape them into who they are. Like a tree in his life cycle losses its leaves in winter and appear new leaves again in spring, conveying a message that a human also faces hardship but grows with every passing day, birth-death is a part of the life cycle.

Keeping a piece on the wall will amplify the harmony and balance of mind. A danish approach of color and form. Make your wall better, soothing with the hues. You can use a set of these series to add more ornamentation to the wall.

Care: A soft cloth is enough to wipe the surface and keep the painting dirt free.

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Height: 42in    Width: 19.5in    Length: in


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Wipe it with soft cloth