Granite Black Stone Sitting Vastu Ganesha Statue 36 in

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Granite Black Stone Sitting Vastu Ganesha Statue 36inches is a splendorous carved stone sculpture. The imperial statue has carved from a single piece of granite stone, from the well-known land of Odisha.
Material: Granite/ Black stone
Dimension(HWL) : 36 x 23 x 11 inch
Height: 3 ft
Position: SittingThe lord with many objects, each part of his body stands for a distinct spiritual significance. His elephant head symbolizes wisdom and intelligence. The large ears stand for attentive and careful listening. His big belly restrains the whole cosmos, which he binds with a serpent as a belt.  The goad he use to direct his devotee to move forward in life with rectitude. The nose he uses to subjugate obstacles form the pathway of his devotee. The sweet bowl represents “sat chit anand ” a reward when our soul attains the inner joy. His Abhay Hasta (Blessing mudra) with open palm signifies that he protects us from all forms of pain and sorrow. Ganesha statue with trunk touching the sweet signifies divine bliss.

His carrier mouse is the mirror of our desire which never gets relished. when desire gets ungovernable it wrecks out our morality and virtue. So the mount mouse is shown near his feet with folding both hands and humbly watching his master illustrates that the desire is under the control.

The presence of the Ganesha god protects from the evil eye and Vastu dosha of the home and office. He bestows material prosperity and luck by removing the hardship of the devotee.

Placement: The ideal direction for the placement of the idol is west, north, and northeast. To attract educational benefit and personal or professional benefit facing him at north will be favorable. Avoid placing him under the staircase, it will bring inauspicious results.

Care: Black granite is the strongest of all stones, so the statue is durable and stands in any weather condition. Only you need to dust the statue with a cotton or fiber cloth or broom to prevent any dirt.

Additional information

Height: 36in    Width: 23in    Length: 11in
Stone Type

Statue Position


Place it in your house or workplace for attracting prosperity and warding off bad influence.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

3 ft