Lord Krishna infinity palm leaf scroll 30.5×18 inch

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Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu in dwapara yuga, born as the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev in Mathura, but was raised by Nanda and Yasodha in Vrindavan. Lord Krishna is often portrayed as of dark complexioned, adorned with peacock feathers, wearing necklace of wild flowers, meddling with the dairymaids of Vrindavan near the river bank. He often is portrayed as a playful character, mischievous and as the epitome of love, compassion, music, and dance lord Krishna is widely worshiped throughout the World. He is the one who killed terrifying demons like Putana, Trinavarta and Kansha. He lifted the whole Govardhana Mountain on his little finger to protect the villagers from the wrath of lord Indra. He even defeated the huge poisonous serpent Kalia. This scroll beautifully presents the phases of the almighty. Bring this scroll home without delay before it slips out of your hand. Refer to our site for favorable price.

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Height: 30.5in    Width: 18in    Length: in


Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.