Marble Stone Dhana Lakshmi Statue for Home Garden and Temple

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    A statue is well-suited for even the most elegant outdoor space. The marble stone Dhana Laxmi statue exudes power and elegance which looks majestic anywhere you place it. 

    Material: Marble stone
    Position: Sitting Statue

    The mesmerizing sculpture of Goddess Laxmi:
    • The eye-full statue of Goddess Laxmi is seen sitting on a heavy pedestal of lotus.
    • The graceful statue is made by the skilled artisans of Odisha, where stone engraving is famous worldwide for its complex design.
    Resplendent  Goddess of Wealth: Dhana Laxmi
    • Goddess Laxmi is the consort of Lord “Wishnu” the persevere of the universe. And the pair often worship as Laxmi-Narayana.
    • Admired as the goddess of wealth and prosperity in every Hindu household.
    • She surfaced from the churning of the milk ocean.
    • Lotus represents beauty, diversity, harmony, and stability.
    • She is widely worshipped at the time Deepavali, the festival of lights for welcoming prosperity and wealth into home and business.
    Direction and placement recommendation:
    • The statue should be placed in the North or East of the Northeast corner of the home or office.
    • Place the statue at the entrance of the temple.
    • It is very auspicious to place it in your office, business hall, restaurant, shop, etc.
    • You can also place the stone sculptures in your garden, fountain, or park, poolside, and landscaping.
    Benefits of keeping the arresting stone sculptures:
    • She protects her devotee from illness and blessed him/her with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune.
    • The word “Laxmi” is derived from the word Lakshya which means ambition, goal, or target thus, she helps a person to attain life’s goals by favoring his luck.
    • The preacher of nectar she holds represents the ability to give fulfillment to human life by creating an environment of divinity and bliss.
    • She is known as “Moksha Pradayeni”, which means “freeing one from the cycle of death and rebirth”.
    Instruction for the cleaning of the statue:
    • The gripping structure is made from durable material marble stone.
    • Marble stone not only looks gorgeous in art sculpture but is also resistant to shattering.
    • For cleaning, you can bathe it with running water as well as wipe the surface with a piece of dry cloth or broom.
    • The cleaning can be done periodically, to keep the dust at a bay from the stone sculptures.

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    This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration

    Statue Care

    Clean With Water, Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Packing & Delivery

    Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

    Statue Height

    3 ft