Outdoor Sand Stone Lion Statue for Landscape Design (Pair – 2pcs)

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    The king of the jungle now can be the king of your backyard, the regal-looking sandstone lion statue will infuse any outdoor or entrance with an exotic aesthetic. Just over 4 ft tall, the toned finish lion statue will elegantly enhance the beauty of any spot.
    Material: Sandstone Red stone
    Dimension(HWL): 48 x 24 x 48 inch
    Height: 4 ft (approx.)
    Position: Sitting

    A depiction about the weathered finished lion statue:

    • The statue is sitting on a flat pedestal with one paw raised in the air.
    • It is beautifully carved in sandstone with grace by the skilled artisan of Odisha.
    • The engraving is done in such a way, that, it gives a result in a depth of prowl and looks fabulous.

    The relevance between Hindu mythology and the Shishi:

    • There are many Hindu deities to where lion served as a Vahana, like, Goddess Durga, Parvati Narasimhi, Katyayini, Skandamata, etc.
    • In Buddhist culture, statues of lions are said to bring peace and prosperity.
    • One of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu was the half lion half man form in the Narsimha Avatara.
    • The lion symbolizes pride. That’s why in many Hindu temples lions sit at the main entrance, which is believed to protect and guard the temple.

    A simple Usher to place the lion statue with utter benefits:

    • You can position the statue alongside the age of any driveway.
    • Traditionally,  you can place it at the entrance of any holy temple.
    • As it also represents energy and happiness, placing it in front of the home and the office is also beneficial.
    • You can choose to flank an entryway of the garden, lawn, and zoo with the classic piece.
    • You can put two same pairs of lions on both sides of the entryway of the home, garden, or any desired area of your choice. This shows power, strength, and wisdom.
    • You can place it in the landscaping design,  besides the fountain, swimming pool, or place it above any pillar structure-centered decoration.

    A useful guide for maintaining the stone sculpture:
    The outdoor stone statue is made from durable material like sandstone. So the cleaning is also not that difficult. Use running water to bathe the statue or you can wipe the surface with a broom or cotton cloth, every time, you notice any dust accumulating on the statue.

    Additional information

    Height: 48in    Width: 24in    Length: 48in
    Statue Type


    Statue Position

    Stone Type


    This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration

    Statue Care

    Clean With Water, Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Packing & Delivery

    Aprox. Time for Packing & Despatch : 3 to 4 days, Aprox Time of Delivery: 6-10 days

    Statue Height

    4 ft