Pattachitra Art Wooden Sindoor Box 3.5 inch

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Pattachitra art wooden sindoor box crafted from wood which is considered to be a sacred material and traditionally used in home decorations. It is a vibrant and stylish showpiece, so go ahead and buy with confidence.

Material: Wood
Art Type: Patachitra art
3.5 x 2.7 x 2.7 inch
3.5 inch

Characterization of the wooden sindoor daani:

  • The product shown here is a wooden Sindoor box cast with Pattachitra.
  • Immaculately embellished with imprints of green and pink leaf all around giving it a charming look.
  • The hand-crafted wooden sindoor box repercuss the creative splendor and elegance of your vanity.
  • Made up of hand-picked timber with a greasy surface and has been crafted by experienced artisans from Odisha.
The exclusive wooden Sindoor box:
  • The “wooden Sindoor box” spruces up the look of your dressing table.
  • Collectors of imaginative goods will find this wooden sindoor Daani having Pattachitra art very enchanting.
  • Whether you want to carry it in your vanity bag or keep it on your vanity table, it will not cause any clutter among others due to its small size.
  • Asunder from Haldi and vermillion, you can also store your precious tiny accessories.
  • Sindoor Daani is widely auspicious in marriage, rituals, and worship, and as a decor piece, proven to be the best gifting piece on several occasions.
Cleaning and maintaining wooden surfaces:
  • This quick and effective method will teach you how to clean wood and lift off years of embedded dust and buildup from your favorite pieces.
  • Gently wipe the surface, and the dirt will start to lift up straight away.
  • Give it a good buff from time to time.

Additional information

Height: 3.5in    Width: 2.7in    Length: 2.7in
Art Form



Can be used for decoration or gifting purpose, This storage box can be used to store sindoor, kumkum, small accessories, etc.


Wipe it with soft cloth