Soap stone Anantashayana Vishnu 12 inch B10

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    Anantashayi Vishnu, also known as Anantashayana Vishnu this is a very common pose of Indian mythology. Here lord Vishnu is depicted sleeping on the Snake Adisehsa Naga who is the coiled Cosmic energy in the Solar Plexus, in the The Ksheera Saagara which is a representation of the Milky way Galaxy. Beneath him sits his wife goddess Lakshmi massaging his leg. Lord Vishnu does not sleep. His sleep is called Yoga Nidra (Sleeping posture in Yoga or being aware while sleeping. The name anantashayana comes from “ananta”, which means without end which depicts the thousand headed snake over which lord Vishnu is reclining. From his navel emerges Brahma, the creator God, seated on a lotus. His weapons, including the mace and the conch shell, lie relaxed in his hands.


    This statue clearly depicts that lord Vishnu sleeps in between the yugas, or cycles of time, on the cosmic ocean which lies outside space and time. So bring home this statuette to experience peace in your surroundings.

    Additional information

    Weight30 kg
    Height: 12in    Width: 17.5in    Length: 4.5in
    Stone Type


    Place this statue in your home for the blessing of Lord Vishnu.

    Statue Care

    Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

    Statue Height

    9-12 inch, 1.5 ft