Lord Hanumaan

Atulita-Bala-Dhaamam Hema-Shailaabha-Deham
Danuja-Vana-Krshaanum Jnyaaninaam-Agragannyam |
Sakala-Gunna-Nidhaanam Vaanaraannaam-Adhiisham
Raghupati-Priya-Bhaktam Vaata-[A]atmajam Namaami ||


Lord Hanuman is the bestower of Wisdom, physical strength, fame, courage, fearlessness, good health, vigilance and eloquence. Lord hanuman is the son of lord Varun dev (the lord of air). He was born into the monkey king Keshari and queen Anjana is believed to be the incarnated form of lord Shiva. The supreme lord born as a mere monkey with the motif of helping lord Rama, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu in dwapara yug, to kill the ten headed demon king Ravana and establish the victory of good over evil. Lord hanuman is considered to be the most devoted follower of lord Rama. The pabana putra is one of the most worshipped lord in Hindu mythology, most popular for his utter devotion for his lord. Lord Hanuman is often depicted standing straight with his gadda in one hand and other hand lifted up to bless the mass with power to overcome every fear and establish victory over the demon residing in one self. Sometimes even represented bent on knees with folded hands near the feet of Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita gives the world the biggest instance of pure devotion.

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  1. can you please make bal hanuman stone idol for me for worship

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