Lord Narasimha

Samsaara-Ghora-Gahane Carato Muraare
Maaro[a-U]gra-Bhiikara-Mrga-Pravara-Arditasya |
Aartasya Matsara-Nidaagha-Nipiidditasya
Lakssmii-Nrsimha Mama Dehi Kara-Avalambam ||


Here lord Vishnu is depicted in his terrible form of half lion-half human, the Narsimha. Lord Vishnu incarnated as this form in order to kill the demon king Hiranyakashyapu and protect his devotee Prahalad. Lord Narayan is well known for being the protector of his believers. Narsimha is generally represented with a fierce look on his face, and depicted with anger and disgust towards the evil sustaining in the universe.


Lord Vishnu always protects his followers from every evil and blesses them with prosperity, peace, harmony and happiness. Prahalad was the son of demon king Hiranyakashyapu, who was blessed by Lord Brahma, that he cannot be killed during night or morning by any weapon, neither he can be killed inside the house nor outside the house, neither he can be killed by humans or by gods, neither by male, female or animals. Hiranyakashayapu was a tyrant and a strong opposer of vaishanavas (followers of Lord vishnu), after receiving such a powerful boon he started considering himself amar (one who cannot be killed) and created chaos.

Prahalad even after being born as the son of such a demon king was strongly devoted towards lord Vishnu. Frightened by devotion of his son towards his enemy the demon king threatened to kill his own son, but Prahalad never deviated from his path of devotion towards the Endless, the Omnipotent and the Omnipresent lord. After several unsuccessful attempts to kill Prahalad the frustrated demon king roared in anger and challenged Prahalad if his god was present in the pillar and with utmost belief when Prahalad nodded, the king rushed towards the pillar with a sword in his hand, and dealt a terrible blow at the pillar. Instantly thundering voice was heard, and lord Vishnu emerged from the pillar in His awful Narsimha form — half-lion, half-man! Also referred as Agnilochana – the one who has fiery eyes, Bhairavadambara – the one who causes terror by roaring, Karala – the one who has a wide mouth and projecting teeth, Hiranyakashipudvamsa – the one who killed Hiranyakashipu, Nakhastra – the one for whom nails are his weapons, Sinhavadana – the one whose face is of lion and Mrigendra – the king of animals or lion.  Panic-stricken, the Daityas ran away in all directions; but Hiranyakashyapu fought with him long and desperately, till he was finally overpowered and killed by the ferocious lord.

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