Lord Narayana – Preserver of the universe

Kaayena Vaacaa Manase[a-I]ndriyair-Vaa
Buddhy[i]-Aatmanaa Vaa Prakrteh Svabhaavaat |
Karomi Yad-Yat-Sakalam Parasmai
Naaraayannayeti Samarpayaami ||


Lord Narayan the Param-Brahma Parmeshwar, (supreme lord of the universe). He is the preserver lord of the universe who sustains, maintains and protects the universe. Also known as Vishnu, he is the supreme controller and is supreme among deities, the ultimate soul. He is also called as Surya Narayana, one who shines bright like the brilliant sun. Whenever the world is threatened with evil, chaos, and destructive forces Lord Vishnu takes several incarnations to defeat the evil and establish the victory of good. He have taken 10 forms that are Matsya (Half fish-half man avatar), Kurma (Tortoise avatar),

Varaha (The boar avatar), Narsimha (The half lion and half man avatar), Vamana (Dwarf avatar), Parshuram (Sage with an axe avatar), Rama (son of Dasaratha and descendent of Raghubansh),  Krishna (the cowboy of Gokul Dham), Buddha (the preacher of Buddhism) and Kalki (the form destined to ride a black horse with a twelve hand long sword and end the Kalyug).

Vishnu is often depicted with a dark coloured skin complexion, dressed in a decent manner and decorated with gold ornaments. He is generally depicted with four arms, but our page even offers you statues of lord Vishnu with two arms or eight arms and in several different poses. The statuette is often shown holding a conch which is used to signal the troops in a war, a chakra which is a symbolic representation of dharma (righteousness), gadda which is also called kaumodaki and represents spiritual, mental and physical strength, and a lotus flower which symbolizes purity and transcendence. Lord Vishnu is also shown standing or sitting with his wife goddess Lakshmi, who is another form of Shakti and the goddess of wealth.

So what are you waiting for? Bring home these beautifully sculpted statuettes of the supreme almighty to feel closer to spirituality and experience peace, harmony and happiness. Add Beauty to your house and feel protected under the shelter of the supreme lord.

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