Radha Krishna – Symbol of love and devotion

“Achyutam Keshavam Satyabhaa Maadhavam
Maadhavam Shridaram Radhika Radhikam
Indira Mandriram Chetasaa Sundaram
Devaki Nandanam Nandanam Sandadhe”


Love is one of the most beautiful emotion that is ever gifted to human being, but these days finding true love is hard, but here is a couple from our Indian mythology which explains the meaning of sanguine and true love to all of us, Radha-Krishna.

Two names which are never apart from each other, which widely explains the power of love and devotion. Lord Vishnu in his eighth incarnation as Krishna, the cow boy fell in love with a cow-girl named Radha. A beautiful love story which started to bud in the gardens of Vrindavan never knew its destination but the young hearts could not help but fall for each other. The trees, the river and the sky became the mute witness of this Rasleela. Marriage may not be the destination of every love story, this is explained well by this love story. Lord Krishna never married Radha but their love is always and forever remembered as the purest instance of love by everyone. Radha represents “the feeling of love towards Krishna”, which made her even more special than the wives of Lord Krishna.

This sort of pure love is sacred and endangered but extremely talented craftsmen of Odisha have inspired life into these lifeless stone statuettes which explains the true meaning of love. These statues express the love which we all crave for in this materialistic world. What better gift can we find for our partners other than these live examples of true eternal love. You need not shout out your feelings but these statuettes will spread the magic of love and happiness throughout your house and in the lives of your loved and dear ones.

Radha-Krishna, infect, is all love, truth, peace, service, ideal, friendship and simplicity so experience them yourself by bringing home these beautiful statuettes.

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