Apsara in forest sandstone statue 49 inch

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The life-like statue of Apsara ( Height: 4 ft ) is sure to be a showpiece in any garden and exterior decoration. A rustic sandstone statue to look over your entrance and harmonize every gust and breeze.

Material: Odisha Brown Sandstone
Dimension(HWL): 49 x 19 x 12 inch
Height: 4 ft (approx.)

The splendid outdoor stone statue of Apsara:
  • The well-formed pleasing statue of the apsara is standing over a well-carved pedestal.
  • The mesmerizing look and gesture of the body are brilliantly chiseled on the sculpture.
  • Stone carving is the ancient practice of Odisha, the skillful craftsman has made it globally popular through their intricate design on sculpture.
Apsara in Hindu mythology:
  • According to Hindu mythological scriptures, they were the divine singer and dancers with Gandharvas living in the palace of Lord Indra.
  • Apsaras are so beautiful and extremely master at dancing and singing. Urvashi, Menaka, Rambha, are a few examples of them.
  • They were said to be born from the churning of the ocean of milk. They selected Gandharvas as their consort.

Some placement guides for the astonishing outdoor stone statue:
  • Apsara décor is presently used in many interior and exterior themes.
  • Make your guest feel royal by keeping it on each side of the entrance of your home, hotel, or palace.
  • You can also put it under a lamp inserted in the park, garden, landscaping, and artificial water body for better fascination.
  • Placing it beside the swimming pool, fountain, the backyard will also amplify your décor.
Utility one will get by keeping the celestial maiden(Apsara):. 
  • Apsaras represents the emotion of enjoying oneself. East-northeast is the Vaastu zone of happiness and rejuvenation. So placing at the above-mentioned zone make you feel joyous and rejuvenated.
  • People associated with dance art are recommended to keep it in the west and southwest zone.
  • According to Hindu belief keeping the outdoor stone statue facing the front door will attract positive energy into your home.

Guidance of safekeeping of the outdoor sandstone statue
  • The above sculpt is made from sandstone material.
  • Sandstone is a weatherproof, durable material that proved best for exterior ornamentation.
  • Just take a dry cloth or broom to dust the statue.
  • Routine cleaning should be done every other day to get rid of any dust compile from the surface of the outdoor stone statue.

Additional information

Height: 49in    Width: 19in    Length: 12in
Stone Type


Best suitable to place in your garden or at the entrance of your house/

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

4 ft