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Bell Lampshade Dual Colour

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    The applique bell lampshade can elevate the atmosphere of any room better than a stately chandelier. Serves as a simple way to deliver a charming ambiance to any of your favorite spaces.

    Material: Cotton fabric
    12 inch
     12 inch
    Art form: Pipili applique work
    Weight: 0.15 kg

    Explanation of the bell lampshade:

    • The idol displayed here is a bell applique lampshade.
    • The lampshade is coming in dual colors: red and pink.
    •  Designed beautifully with dual-colored clothes stitched together. Decorated with mirrors and embroidery giving a whole different level to the artwork.
    • One of the most widespread craftworks of Orissa is the Pipli applique work that comes from the town of Pipli. 
    The usefulness of the bell shape lampshade for decoration and illumination:
    • Living rooms and banquet halls can be highlighted with a beautiful applique lampshade.
    • You can show it off all over the house like, over your vanity or desk, in the breakfast nook, or above the bedroom ceiling.
    •  These are great sources of illumination where you can create the mood or atmosphere you want.
    • It can be a gentle cascade of light over a romantic dinner or a light over a lovely family dinner party.
    • It adds elegance and glamour to your home or restaurant.
    • The lampshade demands attention to any space and adds a whole style to even the more unsuspecting places of the house.
    • Add some sparkle and shine with these beautiful light fixtures in your home.
    • Use some cute mini lampshades to perk up the kitchen! Placing them above the island just gives more light for prepping dinner and decorating cookies.
    • Another place for a lampshade is to add some romance over the bed! Instead of using a dramatic headboard, do something more subtle and add a beautiful chandelier to the mix.
    • We’ve already established that using a chandelier over the bed in a bedroom was a great idea for aesthetic reasons, but you don’t necessarily have to swing it over the bed to get the same effect. You could also mix things up and hang them in a more unsuspected place like over the side tables or just somewhere in the corner.
    • To add a little vintage appeal add a lampshade to your baby’s nursery! It’s sophisticated but the dimming lights will add a little relaxation to the room.
    • Make your walk from room to room a bit more interesting. Hang a lampshade or two above your path to light the way in a fashion-forward style.
    How to clean lampshade perfectly:
    • The most favorable methodology of cleaning the applique work by washing it in clean water once or twice, (do not squeeze ) and then letting it air dry.
    • Make sure you disconnect the bulb from the lampshade before cleaning.

    Additional information

    Weight0.15 kg
    Height: 12in    Width: in    Length: in