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Bell Lampshade Multi-colour

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    Finding the right living room chandelier can be a tricky prospect, just as important as stylish decor. The timeless multicolor bell lampshade is sure to give any living room just the right hint of sophisticated formality.

    Material: Cotton fabric
    12 inch
     12 inch
    Art form: Pipli applique work
    Weight: 0.1 kg

    Description of the flower lampshade:

    • The idol shown here is a bell applique lampshade.
    • The lampshade is coming in multi colors.
    •  Designed beautifully with multiple colored clothes stitched together. Decorated with mirrors and the embroidery design adds to the beauty of the lamp.
    • One of the most widespread crafts of Orissa is the Pipili applique work that comes from the town of Pipili. 
    Uses of the flower lampshade for decoration and illumination:
    • You can connect the lampshade to the ceiling and hangs it down on a rod, cable, pipe, chain, or rope.
    • The dramatic impact will enhance your decor in any room or balcony.
    • This amazing chandelier creates a centerpiece for any space as it set the standard.
    • Gives you plenty of options if you want to integrate more pieces into the surrounding interior.
    •  You would make a great traditional statement piece and something different from the usual modern chandeliers.
    • Use it in the hallway or above a dining table, so that you can achieve a dramatic designer lighting effect.
    • Dress up your contemporary living room with a bell lampshade of spangled lights that cascade down from a niche in the ceiling.
    • Super elegant and super versatile, this chandelier can complement modern décor styles and proves to be a talking point in any space.
    • Beautifully capture the charm of the ceiling of a restaurant, hotel, or resort.
    How to clean the lampshade correctly:
    • The most promising process of cleaning the applique work by soaking it in clean water once or twice, (do not squeeze ) and then letting it air dry.
    • Make sure you unfasten the bulb from the lampshade before cleaning.

    Additional information

    Weight0.1 kg
    Height: 12in    Width: in    Length: in