Temple lampshade four step

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Elegance and functionality meet in this creative lampshade, The finished four-tier temple lampshade lends a warm look with endless coordination possibilities both in interior & exterior.

Material: Cotton fabric
24  inch
 2 ft
Art form: Pipli applique work
Weight: 0.1 kg

Exposition of the flower lampshade:

  • The model pictured here is a temple-designed applique lampshade.
  • The lampshade is coming in dual color, blue & yellow.
  •  Designed beautifully with multiple colored clothes suture together. Decorated with the mirrors and the fancy stitching design adds to the magnificence of the lamp.
  • Applique is embellishing and stitching. The word Applique derives from the French word meaning ‘to put on, where shapes of flowers, etc., are cut out and stitched onto the main fabric surface.
Usages of the temple lampshade for decoration and illumination:
  • This temple shade four-tier lamp lends an inviting vibe to the space where you hang it down.
  • To create a romantic atmosphere with hanging lights for the bedroom, use this one to boost your room lighting and your mood.
  • This is the best idea to provide ambient and task lighting over the kitchen island or breakfast counter.
  • Bathrooms can be used for various functions, like shaving or applying make-up. So, select specific hanging lights that focus on the task area. When hanging lights in a bathroom around the mirror, ensure that there is no glare or shadow.
  • Used as an Outdoor hanging light on the festive occasion of Diwali,  Christmas, or Halluin.
  • The hanging lampshade lights for the dining table should be aligned with the center of the table.
  • Always choose a hanging light fixture that reflects your home’s style
  • Decorative lampshades like spiral designs and temple fixtures are the best lighting options for modern kitchen areas.
  • Contemporary hanging lamp shades for living room corners can be used to blend with the interior decoration and beautify areas like the dining room or study.
How to clean the lampshade correctly:
  • clean in water once or twice, (do not wring), and let it air dry.
  • One thing keeps in mind is to unbuckle the bulb from the lampshade before washing it.

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Weight0.1 kg
Height: 24in    Width: in    Length: in