Jhumar lampshade three step

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Lights! Lights! Lights! A single term so anonymously bonded with our everyday life. The sleek contemporary compatibility of the three-step Jhumar lampshade makes this piece suitable for any setting.

Material: Cotton fabric
24 inch
 2 ft
Art form: Pipli applique work
Weight: 0.15 kg

Explanation of the Jhumar-designed lampshade:

  • The item displayed here is a Jhumar-style applique lampshade.
  • The lampshade is coming in dual colors red and pink.
  •  Designed beautifully with dual-colored clothes sewed together. Decorated with mirrors and embroidery giving an entire diverse class to the artwork.
  • One of the most widespread skills of Orissa is the Pipli applique work that comes from the town of Pipli.
The use of the Jhumar lampshade for decoration and illumination:
  •  It blankets your room in soft light, enhances visibility, and provides far-reaching illumination.
  •  This kind of lighting lets you navigate your entire room safely. You’ll only trip on a wonderful ambiance and not your belongings.
  • This lighting sets the ambiance of your space by channeling concentrated light at a focal point. This kind of lighting creates a theatrical look by illuminating statement pieces and blurring forgettable areas.
  • Your foyer makes the first impression, so it’s important to deck it with warm and welcoming lighting. Ambient lighting options like this one will bathe your area in soft, golden light and create an inviting look.
  •  It’s a great home lighting idea, one that puts your home in the spotlight.
  • The living room is a versatile space, so it’s important you let it slide between mellow and exuberant. Opt for functional lighting through a layered combination of overhead lights.
  • Your dining room is a space reserved for intimate meals and warm conversation, so it’s a good idea to give it a relaxed, off-duty vibe. Just like in the living room, add the Jhumar lampshade to transform your space from diner chic to dinner party glam in seconds. Opt for a statement lampshade over your dining table, and mood lighting by way of floor lamps.
  • Consider turning your bedroom into a relaxing, restful haven with mellow mood lighting. With bedside lamps, sconces with dimmers, and a restrained pendant the Jhumar lampshade channel a quiet glam into your bedroom. Your room will sparkle while still channeling serenity for you to get the deepest sleep!
How to cleanse lampshade perfectly:
  • The most advantageous process of cleaning the applique work by washing it in clean water once or twice, (do not squeeze ) and then letting it air dry.
  • Make sure you detach the bulb from the lampshade before the process of cleaning.

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Weight0.15 kg
Height: 24in    Width: in    Length: in