Black Stone Lord Shiv Ji Sitting Statue 8 in

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This sculptural Shiv Ji statue is full of beans, crafted from black stone / Granite with gorgeously intricate details that add a charming addition to any interior. Your guest be wont able to stop talking about it!

Material: Blackstone / Granite stone
Dimension(HWL): 8 x 5 x 3 inch
Position: Sitting

Rendition of the sheeny statue of Lord Shiv Ji:

  • The sculpture of Lord Shiva here is seen in the Yogic state, sitting on a lotus foundation.
  • Wearing the skin of a tiger, a clump of hair, a Serpent curled around his neck.
  • Equipped with a trident, a Damru, while gesturing in Vitarka and Varada mudra.
  • The showpiece is carved by the brilliant artist of Odisha.
Lord Shiva:  A omniscient yogi 
  • One of the trinity Gods. Lord Shiva destroys the universe at the end of each cycle which then allows for a new creation.
  • While churning of the milk ocean, a deadly poison named Halahala came out, which was consumed by Lord Shiva to save all the beings and thus, came to be known as Neelkanth.
  • The Chaturdashi Tithi of Krishna paksha of Falguna/Magha month, every year celebrated as Maha Shivaratri.
Furnish your preferred space with the subtle stone sculptures:
  • The Northeast zone is the most promising zone to allocate the saintly sculpt.
  • Upraise the aura by putting the blest statue on your glass cabin console, sideboard, or any heightened table at your home or office corridor.
  • The sacred statue can be worshiped in the temple of your home or office.
  • You can put the statue at the reception desk of the office or restaurant.
  • Make this a great giving idea to make your loved one’s special event cheerful and cherished.
Pour the vouchsafe of blessings by putaway the venerated statue:
  • Lord Shiva is considered to be best for marital bliss/happiness.
  • The unmarried girls?? usually admired him for ideal?? spouse as well as re, moving of delays in marriage.
  • Lord Shiva begets you boons for a happy and prosperous life all around.
A guide to safe-keeping/care for your statement piece :
  • Blackstone is the most resilient, durable stone, which makes it persistent.
  • Smoothly run over the surface of the sculpture, with a piece of cloth.
  • Keep dusting it often to get rid of dust accumulation on the stone sculptures.

Additional information

Height: 8in    Width: 5in    Length: 3in
Stone Type

Statue Position


Bring this statue of happiness and luck home, decorate it in your office for prosperity and good luck or gift them to your loved ones.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

6-8 inch