Dancing Ganesha story palm leaf carving scroll 9.5×8 inch

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Lord Ganesha is the lord of beginning and the remover of obstacle. He is the embodiment of knowledge, art, dance and music. He is the lord of the lords who listens to prayers of his subjects. He is the true form of sacrifice, patience, gentleness and love. This scroll beautifully depicts the lord dancing in joy holding a snake over his head with two hands and two hands posing mudras. Gently posing in Tribhanga form, the elephant headed deity definitely looks adorable. The bright colours adding on some life to this captivating art piece will definitely make your walls appear lively and enhance the appearance of your wall.

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Height: 9.5in    Width: 8in    Length: in


Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.