Vishnu avataras in palm leaf carving scroll 18×6 in

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Lord Vishnu is the protector and the preserver of the universe. He is the creator and he is the destroyer, he is the beginning and he is the end. He takes form in every yuga to eliminate the evil and to reinforce righteousness. In this scroll five different incarnations of lord Vishnu is inscribed. The Narsimha avatar (half lion-half man) the form he took to protect his devotee Prahalad from his atrocious father Hiranayakashyapu, matsya avatar (the fish) he took this form to rescue the first man and few other creatures, varaha avatar (the boar) to protect the earth from drowning, koorma avatar (the tortoise) he took this form to help the churning of ocean, vamana (the dwarf priest) to protect the earth and heaven from demon king Bali. Bring this scroll home and add up hint of mythology to your house or office.

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Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.