Maa Lakshmi palm leaf painting wall frame

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    Description: Maa Lakshmi palm leaf painting wall frame. The color together provides a strong visual statement. A simply stunning painting that grabs all attention.

    Description: Bamboo Palm leaf
    Dimension(HW): 6.5×4.5 inch
    Weight: 0.08 kg

    Palm leaf painting is known as “Talapatra Chitra” in Odisha. Another form of Pattachitra apart from painting on cloth, Talapatra Chitra is engravings over a leaf of palm. Consists of inscribing letters or an artistic design on palm leaves.

    The process involves unripe palm leaves from trees cut and dried, soaked, and again dried until getting they leave to harden. After then,  stretch and inscribe on the leaf strip. then lamp black is rubbed all over the leave, to give fine black color to fine lines. Natural colors are used to highlight the figures. Black is extracted from the lamp, yellow from hairtail stone, red from singular stone, white from conch shells, green is from leaf, and green stones.

    Goddess Laxmi the helpmate of Lord Vishnu. The Goddess of wealth, fortune, beauty, and purity. She is said to be born from churning the ocean of milk, from the tug of war between God and Demon. She is the source of all forms of wealth. She is inseparable from Lord Vishnu. Whenever Lord Vishnu incarnates on earth she is also born as his spouse. When Lord incarnates as Vamana, Rama, Krishna, Parashurama, she also appeared as the Padma, Sita, Rukmani, Dharani.

    She is often depicted as a beautiful woman standing on a lotus flower. Draped in a red saree, bespangle with ornaments. Holding a lotus in both hands, right hand gesturing the Abhay mudra while in left she is shown holding Amrita Kalasa (pot of immortality).

    A perfect piece of statement for anyone seeking fortune and prosperity, you can place it in the area where the monetary transaction takes place for better results, or home temple, etc. An auspicious option to gift at the time of festival to your dear one, an out of box gifting option.

    Care: Use a soft cloth, to remove dust from the surface.

    Additional information

    Weight0.08 kg
    Height: 6.5in    Width: 4.5in    Length: 0.5in



    Wall decoration


    Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.