Dancing Ganesha with Dholok Pattachitra Painting

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A design choice of Dancing Ganesha with Dholok Pattachitra Painting that looks stylish but also helps to elevate the walls more so that they receive more attention from its onlooker.

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    A design choice of Dancing Ganesha with Dholok Pattachitra Painting that looks stylish but also helps to elevate the walls more so that they receive more attention from its onlooker.

    Dimensions(HWL): 10 x 8 inch
    Art Form: Pattachitra art
    Materials: Canvas
    Frame: Without Frame
    Weight: 0.035 kg

    Elucidation of the Pattachitra Painting:

    • The above painting depicted Dancing Ganesha with Dholok Pattachitra Painting.
    • Nritya Ganapati is regarded as the 15th among the 32 different forms of Ganapati. The Sanskrit word ‘Nritya’ means ‘dance.’ Nritya Ganapati, as the name suggests, is a dancer or a happy dancer, and thus represents the relaxed and enjoyable form of the Lord.
    • Canvas preparation is done by coating the clothing with a  mixture of chalk and gum.
    • After that, it is smoothed with two different stones and then the cloth is dried.
    • Pattachitra is an ancient art of living art form of Odisha.

    Significance of  Lord Ganesha:

    • He is the son of Shiva and his consort Parvati, both of human form and yet he bears the head of an elephant.
    • It is said that when  Shiva was away. She decided to create a child and did this by forming him, by molding a substantial accumulation of her body dirt. And so Ganesh was born and Parvati was happy and occupied.
    • He is usually worshipped as the elephant-headed god of commencements.
    • His name Ganesha means Lord of the people, where Gana means people and Isha means leader.
    • Lord Ganesha was born on the Chaturthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in the Bhadrapada month.
    Recommendations to showcase your canvas painting:
    • The Dancing Ganesha with Dholok Pattachitra Painting can be a conversation starter, an exhibition of things you love most.
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    How to clean off your canvas painting (framed):
    • You love showing paintings but do you know a suitable way to cleanse decorative frames and the glass inside them?
    • Begin by removing the artwork from the wall and placing it on a flat surface to clean.
    • Then clean up the canvas by using a cotton cloth to wipe down the surface.
    • Another suitable and effective way to clean canvas painting is to use a cotton cloth soaked in soapy water.

    Additional information

    Weight0.035 kg
    Height: 10in    Width: 8in    Length: in



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.

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