Ganesha sitted on mouse black stone statue 24 inch

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    Material: Granite/Blackstone
    Dimension ( W:H:L): 24:25:8
    Position: Sitting

    Description: Ganesha sitting on a mouse black stone statue 24 inches, shows the poise and prowess of the lord. This is a marvy statue of Ganesha seated upon a giant mouse. Craved from a single piece of granite, with fine details.

    He is often addressed as” Gajaanan”. In Sanskrit “Gaja” means elephant, “anan” means face. so the Lord with an elephant face. His body symbolizes different spiritual meanings. He is often shown with four hands some times many more. Each of his arms holds a different object. The big head is a symbol of intellect. His big ears symbolize a wise person who hears everything. His large belly contains the whole cosmos, of which he tied it with a serpent. His trunk above the mouth teaches us to work more and talk less. Seating upon one leg on the ground and another is folded up, it’s a symbol of maintaining a balance between material and spiritual life.

    In this popular aspect, he is holding an Ankusa and Paasa in the upper two arms, and the other two are held in Varada mudra or Abhay mudra and a bowl of sweet.  Ankusa is used to control and discipline our mind, paasa symbolizes restraining the mind, the sweet bowl is a reward once you get mastery over the mind. and finally Lord Ganesha bestows you with all goodwill.  His mount mouse has depicted the desire and ego, which will create havoc if not get in our control, riding upon the mouse,  Lord Ganesha teaches that one will attain enlightenment if he rides over his desire and not vice versa. The lord will only show you the path to with his symbolic features, One has to implement in yourself to get the desirable outcomes.

    Lord Ganesha protects his devotees from evil eyes and difficulties. banishes obstacles and hardship in all undertakings whether personal or professional. Ganesha’s statue destroys all negative energies from the surrounding where he kept and spread a positive vibe.  The stone sculpture is a brilliant masterpiece that fits into any of your indoor or outdoor decor.

    Placing: Place him in the north direction. West and Northwest will be also favorable.

    Care: Wipe the statue with a  dry cloth or broom periodically.

    Additional information

    Height: 24in    Width: 15in    Length: 8in

    This product can be placed in indoor, outdoor or garden.

    Statue Height

    2 ft

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