Ganite Muguni Stone Shiv Vahan Nandi Bull Statue

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A custom-built and cleverly designed sculpture by CRAFTS ODISHA. The Shiva Vahana Nandi Bull statue is a beautiful realistic Granite muguni stone statue that makes your outdoor space a serene focal point.

Material: Blackstone / Granite stone statue
Dimension(HWL): 24 x 48 x 16 inch
Position: Sitting / Kneeling  statue
Height: 2 ft

Elucidation of the sacred Nandi bull statue:

  • It’s a sculpture of a beautiful statue of Bull Nandi, enriched with shallow carving.
  • The bull has a decorative saddle cloth on its back, a double row of necklaces along with a bell.
  •  Sitting on a flat base, raised one leg while the other is folded under his body.
  • It’s a magnificent structure, keeping all the features of a bull right in its place, the sculptor has given its best of engraving from within a single stone of granite.
Nandakeshwar; Sacred vahana of Lord Shiva:
  • The sacred bull of the Hindu god Lord Shiva, an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva.
  • Served as the Vahana of Lord Shiva & the gatekeeper of Kailasha.
  • Every shrine of the Hindu god Shiva has Bull Nandi in front of the sanctum, where the Linga is.
  • Whispering the own wish in the ears of Bull Nandi is believed to be fulfilled by Lord Shiva.
Some inviting options for incorporating the stone sculptures:
  • The easiest way to make your sculpt look welcoming is by setting them up in the sanctum of Lord Shiva.
  • Incorporate the statue among the greenery of the garden, park, and lawn. Rocks water and plants give out a sense of calm in the surrounding.
  • A fountain or a statement-making water feature would be a lovely addition to the sculpture in the outdoor ambiance.
  • Flowers always ensure you feel positive and bright which adds beauty to the sculpture twice more.
  • Incorporate it on a few heights above the maiden, among colorful shrubs and edges of the plants.
  • Maybe it’s a pond, a pool, or particularly a stately tree, the statue will be more highlighted near it.
The sacred benefits of keeping of Nadi bull:
  • Nandi bull protects businesses from unforeseen forces.
  • It elevates the loyalty between the owner and the employee.
  • It removes Pitru Dosh (four fathers) from your birth chart.
  • Individuals having wishes are believed to get fulfilled when muttering in the ear of bull Nandi.
How to clean your stone sculptures:
  • The Nandi bull has come a long way, from the traditional placement of the temple to a statement piece for outdoor embellishment.
  • It needs a good cleaning to look shiny and smooth just by following our simple tricks and tips.
  • At first, simply wipe down with a rug or dusting brush over the surface, for quick work of the chore.
  • Sometimes it needs a more thorough washing with clean water, by rinsing it with a lint-free cloth and drying them off with a towel at last.

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Height: 36in    Width: in    Length: in
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This beautiful statue can be used in garden decoration, fountain decoration, swimming pool decoration, landscaping design, interior designing, outdoor or home decoration, This Statue can be used in temple or puja. You can also use it as outdoor statue.

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