Gods infinity cachhap(turtle) avataar palm leaf scroll 19×14 inch

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This palm leaf has the legend of the second incarnation of lord Vishnu inscribed on it. Lord Vishnu in order to protect the universe during the time of crisis took the form of koorma or the kacchappa or the tortoise form in satya yuga. When sage Durvasa cursed the deities to be mortal and die, they made a pact with the demons to churn the ocean bed for amrit or nectar of immortality. The used the mount Mandara as the churning stick and the serpent Vasuki as the giant rope, but the mountain seemed to sink in the ocean bed so lord Vishnu took the form of a giant tortoise over whose shell the mountain was placed and the ocean was churned.

This beautiful mythological depiction inscribed in this scroll has its own importance in Hinduism. So bring this exquisite palm leaf scroll available on our site at a very reasonable price, it will not just beautify your house or workplace but will also create a religious and pious impression in your surroundings.

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Height: 19in    Width: 14in    Length: in


Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Simply dust this item with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating. Keep this away from heavy water.