Green Stone Modern Decor Female Model Statue 10 inch

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This piece measures just over 3 inches in length, ideal for smaller shelves or use as a centerpiece on any tabletop. The modern decor of the female model statue  Use to complement interior themes like coastal, bohemian, cottage chic, and more.

Material:  Greenstone
Dimension (HWL):
5 x 10 x 3 inch
 5 inch
Width: 10 inch

A brief description of the abstract sculpture of the modern lady:

  • The statue represents here is a modern statue of a lady.
  • The sculpture of the lady is seen in a reclining position with two dogs near playing with her.
  • The whole sculpture is artistically made from green stone showcasing the back of a modern lady very intelligently by the artificer of Odisha who is equally famous for its complex design globally.
Home decor ideas that can make your home look more artistic:
  • Highlight the deco piece over a hanging shelve, as prominent as possible.
  • Proudly display it on the vacant corners with the help of an iron stand or an angular shelve.
  • Exhibit it on the floating shelve on the patio that will immediately trigger a feeling for your guests, and they will have a more luxurious feeling toward the space.
  • A simple home decor idea for your living room by displaying it on a built-in shelve.
  • Another easy and affordable home decor idea for your living room and bedroom is to hang unique art pieces on the walls.
  • If you feel creative, a great way to get the artwork is to create your deco style by placing it on any tabletop.
  • The key to making any piece, from bookshelves to china cabinets easiest way to achieve this look is to have them extend from floor to ceiling.
Extremely inexpensive mode of cleaning:
  • It’s time to get rid of all those residues gathered on the statue, making it dull and dusty.
  • So, the statue needs a thorough cleaning once in a while.
  • For cleaning use a damp cloth and wipe over the female model statue. Which is enough to keep it away from the dust.

Additional information

Height: 5in    Width: 10in    Length: 3in
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Stone Type

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Place this beautiful statue in your home or you can gift them on special occasion.

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