Tribal patern hand painted decorative bottle

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This beautiful masterpiece created out of waste bottle is itself a live example of the fusion of culture, nature and skill. This marvelous painted bottle has a wide variety of vibrant shades on it with alternate rows of white having tribal lifestyle imprinted on it. The tribal patterns and abstract designs decorated all across the bottle will not just beautify your house or office but will also provide your table an amazing aesthetic feel. So grab this at a very affordable amount for your friends and family.

Patachitra is an exquisite art form of Odisha being practiced by skilled artisans since decades. Its varied form and beauty is beyond comprehension. They are not just paintings on palm leaves, canvas or cloths but are stories engraved with color and ink.

Patachitra Bottles are wonderful fusion of waste, nature and skill. The paints used for painting these bottles are made out of natural ingredients and the bottles that are waste for the society are transformed into these beautiful artifacts.

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Height: 12in    Width: 3.2in    Length: 3.2in