Jagannath Jiu Raghunath Besha Tasar Painting

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    Jagannath Jiu Raghunath Besha Tasar Painting. Decorate your wall with amazing art prints. A perfect representation of divinity with elegance.

    Material: Tusar Fabrics
    Dimension (HW): 20 x 30 inch
    Weight: 0.1 kg

    Odisha is the land of Jagannath, also the land of ancient art form Pattachitra. The painting reflects the mythological and folk tales inspired by Lord Jagannath and the Vaishnava sect.

    Besha is a Sanskrit word that means dress or attire. The deities of Shri Jagannath temple in puri are adorned with many different ornamentations throughout the day, starting from mangal aarti to Ratri pahuda. The lord also dressed in different ornamentation on different occasions according to the nature of the festival. The Raghunatha Besha is generally held in the month of Baisakha. In this Besha Lord Jagannath facade as Lord Rama and Shri Balbhadra pretense as  Laxmana, with Subhadra,  Bharata, Shatrughan in Ratna Singhasana along with other figures like Hanuman, Bibhishana, Angada, Jamabana, Nala, Sushena, almost 32 different statues are placed on a thin plank of wood, attached to the Ratna Singhasana. A wooden platform temporarily made from Ratnasinghasana to the Kalahari Dwara looks like the courtroom of Lord Rama. Lord Jagannath pretense as Lord Rama in Veerasana pose adorns with many pieces of jewelry like Bala, Hara, Baju and a Naka Dandi attached o the nose of the deities, holding a bow.

    The floral borders are an important part of Pattachitra art. It distinguishes it from every other. The Tasar fabric gives long life to the artwork.  The painting is like an ocean of bliss from the trinity.

    Placement: The holiness of the painting is worth watching. Amplify any decor of the wall, like showering of blessing from the picture in the atmosphere. Suitable to place on any wall of the rooms like living, bedroom, study, gallery, office, etc.

    Care: Wipe the surface with a cloth gently. 

    Additional information

    Weight0.1 kg
    Height: 20in    Width: 30in    Length: in
    Art Form



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


    Wipe it with soft cloth