Krishna Avatar Pattachitra Canvas Painting 7 inch x 10 inch

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Krishna Avatar Pattachitra Canvas Painting

Size (HxW) : 7 inch x 10 inch

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Krishna Avatar Pattachitra Canvas Painting

Lord Krishna was not just a playful cowboy but a brave warrior, great brother, loving son, responsible friend and an amazing lover. Here the Lord is portrayed beautifully on a patta or a piece of cloth and painted in a colorful manner by the talented artisans of Odisha. The lord here is presented having six arms bearing different weapons. He holds a bow and an arrow over his head with his two hands, a kumandal and a bamboo stick with other two hands and joyfully playing his favourite musical instrument, flute with his remaining two hands. The milk maidens of the village seem rejoiced by seeing the extraordinary form of the lord.

The beautiful depiction on a piece of cloth with vibrant colors and proper detailing looks amazing.

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Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.

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