Krishna & Kali – Paper Mache Mask Wall Decor

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Krishna is the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu, who takes various forms in every yuga to pave the path to salvation for the people who are on righteous path and protect them from every evil. He is the supreme preserver of the universe disguised as a cow boy to eradicate unrighteousness and establish righteousness. Goddess Kali is the personified as the Divine Mother, who is depicted with a fierce and dark complexion. She is generally referred to as the highest power that has created the universe, protects it and destroys it ultimately. Here these two preserving entities of universe are presented as two halves, where Krishna is painted blue and Kali is painted black. With fierce but pleasant expression covering their face the two supreme deities are ready to protect their devotees. So grab this beautiful mache mask to enhance the aesthetics of your house.

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