Radha Krishna – Paper Mache Mask Wall Hanging

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Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of lord Vishnu, who takes form to establish the victory of good over evil, pave the path to salvation for the people who are on righteous path and protect his devotees. In his every incarnation he experiences every emotion of a mortal human life and his love story with the milk maiden Radha is famous in the Indian mythology and is a bright example of pure and selfless love. Here the couple is depicted as two equal halves. Lord Krishna is coated black and Radha is painted yellow. The two beautiful contrasting colours are capable of captivating every heart. With a bright smile and beautiful expression the divine couple presents love in its purest form. So grab this exquisite beauty at a very reasonable price.

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Height: 5.8in    Width: 4.75in    Length: 2.85in