Lankapati Ravan – Paper Mache Mask

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Ravana is one of the most famous negative icons of Indian mythology. He is often depicted as the extremely powerful ten headed demon king of the Swarnapuri Lanka who had ruled over gods, humans and demons with his mighty powers, he received by worshiping the creator of the universe, lord Brahma. He was a great sage, an amazing scholar, a capable ruler and a maestro of the veena. His ten heads is a symbolism of his immense knowledge of the six shastras and the four Vedas. Here this great demon king’s head is presented in a sky blue color with a crown over his head and an ear ornament. With a protruding tongue and sharp canines, mustache wide spread across the face and sharp expression on the face, this mache mask will make a great piece to be hung outside your house or office. Grab this piece at a very affordable price for the betterment of your house, business and family.

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Height: 5.8in    Width: 4.75in    Length: 2.85in