Lord Jagannath Chitalagi Besha Tasar Painting

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     Lord Jagannath Chitalagi Besha Tasar Painting. The vibrant colors create the look and show the artist’s masterpiece. A beautiful traditional touch to your wall.

    Material: Tasar fabric.
    Dimension(HW): 20 x 29 inch
    Weight: 0.1 kg

    Odisha, Jagannath temple is one of the Char Dham for pilgrims sites in India. The state is also renowned for its ancient handicrafts heritage. Pattachitra is one of the oldest artwork of Odisha. Depicts the Hindu mythological and folk tales.

    Patta means canvas and Chitra means painting.

    Lord Jagannath have 32 Besha. Here Besha means attire, dress, or adornment. Deities from many temples are dressed and decorated in many manners. In Jagannath puri also the trinity dressed with usual to occasional ornamentation according to the festival and tithi. Every day from the Mangala aarti to Ratri pahuda the deities get dressed with every pahuda. When there is a special occasion in a special festival the deities get a special Besha. Like Chitalagi Amavasya it falls on the new moon day of Shravana month known as Chateau Amavasya. A special ritual is observed on this day. The forehead of the three gods is embellished with a Chita. The word Chita means ornamentation of the forehead with materials like bezoar, sandalwood, musk. But in Jagannath temple puri, the Chita is made from gold, diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby. The Sevak adorn the deities with the Chita on the day of Shravana Amavasya. The Chita is also removed from the head in the Snana Purnima in which the three siblings visit Gundicha temple for nine days and again put it in the Shravana month.

    A special pudding made from rice called “Chateau Pitha” was offered to the deities. The Chateau Amavasya festival is also celebrated as an agricultural festival of the farmers. This day’s farmers go to their peddy fields and pray to yield good crops.

    You can give your wall a unique fine art display, with a spiritual appeal. The fascinating painting would amplify the wall ornamentation with wonders. You can opt to hang the painting at your living, study, library, office, gallery, etc.

    Care: Use a dry soft brush to clean the painting, gently wipe the surface.

    Additional information

    Weight0.1 kg
    Height: 20in    Width: 29in    Length: in
    Art Form



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang it on office or home wall.


    Wipe it with soft cloth