Lord Narasimha Killing Hiranyakasyap Painting

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Material: Canvas
Dimension(W:H:L): 18:12
Weight: 0.1 kg

Decription: Lord Narasimha Killing Hiranyakasyap Painting.Make a wide-reaching righteousness impact on the wall of your home or office. The brilliant unfolding of mythological stories through the art, adding expression to every detail.

Pattachitra means, painting on canvas. Patta means Canvas, Chitra means Painting. It narrates stories and events from the life of Hindu deities. An ancient form of art originated from the state of Odisha.

The procuring and application of colors and materials are out and out natural. Five colors white, red, yellow, green, black, known as Pancha Tatwa, are used to color Pattachitra. The white color bag by soaking, drying, and churning seashell. The red gets from a stone named Hingula, a local stone Haritlal is used for yellow, Green is obtained from leaves and green stones, and black is extracted from lamp soot, or either from burning coconut shell.120 more colors are used by mixing of the Pancha Tatwa. The hair of, mouse, buffalo, and Keya roots are used to make the brush. It is then tied to a bamboo stick as a handle. The flower border on the painting makes it well thought of.

Lord Vishnu took birth on earth in many forms whenever there is a need for restoration of Dharma, and balance the righteousness. Lord Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu among his ten Avatars on earth. To save his ardent devotee Prahlada from the torture of his ruthless father Hiranyakasyap.

Hiranyakasyap has obtained a boon from Lord Bramha that he wouldn’t get killed by any human or animal, neither in day or night, and no weapon can kill him. This boon made him secure that he started to trouble and terrorize both people from earth and the three Lokas.On the other hand, his son Prahlada was a wholehearted devotee of Lord Vishnu, which made him more furious at him, to which he tried to kill him, and tried several ways like mangling him underfoot by elephant, poisoned, starved, burn, throwing into well, one unsuccessful attempt after another, but couldn’t succeded because Lord Vishnu was protecting his devotee. But Pralhadas claims of omnipresent of his Lord made him so angry so he went up and hit a pillar with his mace asking if his Lord  “Vishnu in it”.To his surprise, the pillar cracked and a half man half lion appeared in the form of  Narasimha. Lord Narsimha then dragged Hiranyakasyap and put him on his thigh, ripping his belly with his nails in the evening time.

Lord Narasimha made Prahlada the king, and instruct him to follow ethics and good conduct and disappeared. Lord Narasimha has seen with four arms, holding conch and Chakra in upper hands and lower hands seen tearing apart the demon, with his nails. His devotee Prahlada is seen standing beside him by joining his hands in salutation.

The picture signifies the path of righteousness, by not harming anyone. The victory of good over evil. Lord Narasimha protects his devotee from mishaps and misfortune. You can use it on any wall whether office, home or shop.

Care: Use a soft cotton cloth to wipe down the surface of the canvas.

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Weight0.1 kg
Height: 18in    Width: 12in    Length: in
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Wipe it with soft cloth