Black Krishna Balaram Mathura Visit Painting

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Material: Pattachitra painting
Dimension(W: H:L): 11:17
Weight: 0.1 kg

Description: Black Krishna Balaram Black Krishna Balaram Mathura Visit Painting Painting. The painting provides the ultimate sense of serenity. The black color coordination reflects classic sophistication.

Pattachitra is the ancient art of Odisha. display mythology and life events of god and goddess through motifs, patterns, and figures with a floral border.

The colors used in the painting are made from natural ingredients. White color is extracted from seashells was powdered soaked to make a paste. The green color is procuring from green leaf and green stones. A local stone called Hingula, where the color red is obtained. Another stone named Khandaneela was used to get the color blue. Yellow is made from, stone named Hartal. Black is extracted by burnt coconut shell. These five colors are also called Pancha Tatwa.120 other colors are made by using these colors. Every color has its own significance, as the white illustrates Laughter (Hasya), Red stands furious, astonishment in yellow. The hair of the mouse and Buffalo used to make a brush and tied to the end of a bamboo stick. The floral border makes the art astonishingly winsome.

Krishna is the son of Devaki and Vasudeva while Balarama was the elder son of Rohini, the first wife of Vasudeva. Kansa who was the brother of Devaki had a prognosis that the eighth child of Devaki and Vasudev will be the reason for his end, to which Kansa has imprisoned his sister and her husband and made sure none of their children make it to life. However, on the night of Lord Krishna being born a divine voice-guided  Vasudeva to take Krishna from the prison across river Yamuna to the home of Nandaaraj and his wife Yashoda, who also gave birth to a girl on the same night. Vasudeva went to Nandaraj’s house and exchanged the newborn, and headed back to the prison.

Stories about Krishna’s deed spread around when Kansa hear the news he made sure that it is the eighth child who was alive, so he planned to invite him to Mathura with the intention to kill him. so Krishna and Balarama went to Mathura with Ankura an old minister of Kansa.

The above painting depicts Krishna Balaram Mathura Visit. Lord Krishna was born to save humanity from terrible rulers and kings. Balarama who is also known as Balabhadra is a symbol of strength, an obedient son, an ideal brother. He also symbolizes duty, honesty, and simplicity. He is known as the eighth incarnation of Bishnu and Seshnaaag.

The pictures have incredible attention and traditional handicraft enough to lure the decoration of the wall. A great piece of  Eye-catching art, contrast with overwhelming quality of shades. Can be fit into any wall, of home or office, shop, hallway, etc.

Care: Wipe down the surface with a soft cloth to get rid of dust.

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Weight0.1 kg
Height: 11in    Width: 17in    Length: in
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Without Frame


Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


Wipe it with soft cloth