Monochrome Tirupati Balaji Pattachitra Painting

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    Material: Canvas
    Dimension(W:H:L): 17.5: 11.5
    Weight: 0.1 kg

    Description: Monochrome Tirupati Balaji Pattachitra Painting. A wide-reaching serenity impact spread with the picture on your walls. A tasteful elegance with displays the artisan’s brilliancy with minimal color to fit any decoration. 

    The procured colors and materials are purely natural. Pancha Tatwa colors mainly white, red, yellow, green, black, known as has been used to color the Picture. The white color is secured by soaking, drying, and churning seashell, The red is  get from a stone named  Hingula,  stone Haritlal is used for yellow, Green is extracted from leaves and green stones, and black is obtained from lamp soot.120 more colors are used by mixing of the Pancha Tatwa. The hair of, mouse, buffalo, and Keya roots are used to make the brush. And tied to a bamboo stick, making it a paintbrush. The flower border on the painting makes it more remarkable.

    Tirupati Balaji widely known as Shri Venkateswara said to be that LordVishnu manifested on the earth to bless the devotee in the Kaliyuga. Once Lord Laxmi had a fight with Lord Vishnu and Left the Vaikuntha. She came and settle on earth doing penance. Which made Lord Vishnu follows her and search for her, but not able to find any trace of her. During the search operation, she met with Padmavati who was the daughter of Tirumama Parvat, (mount of seven hills), they fell in love and decided to marry each other, but the father of Padmavati demanded a huge sum of the bridal price, which made Shri Venkateswara borrow the sum from Kubera (the god of wealth), as per the loan agreement the loan is supposed to be payback by Shri Venkateswara with the help of his devotee. That is why so many devotees donate huge amounts of money to Venkateswara.

    Unlike any other deity of Hindu, Shri Venkateswara has no weapon on his hands. He is seen in a standing position with four arms, holding Chakra in the right upper arm and Conch in the left upper arm. The right lower hand gestures the Varada mudra, while the left is resting on his left hip also known as Katya. Katya means panegyric, Bilambita means hanging and hasta means hand, which depicts that the Lord is assuring his devotee as long as they have faith in him he won’t allow the ocean of problems to go beyond their hip level.

    The Lord Tirupati Balaji is known to grant the wishes, desires, and blesses with peace and prosperity. He is the way to salvation and liberates oneself from the cycle of birth and death. It is very auspicious to keep a picture of the divine god at your eyesight.

    Care: Use a cotton cloth to wipe down the picture. 

    Additional information

    Weight0.1 kg
    Height: 17.5in    Width: 11.5in    Length: in
    Art Form



    Without Frame


    Bind the art in a frame and hang on your office or home wall.


    Wipe it with soft cloth