Lord Vishnu Anantashayana Soap stone statue 14.5 in B42

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Shaanta-AakaaramBhujaga-Shayanam Padma-NaabhamSura-Iisham
Lakssmii-Kaantam Kamala-NayanamYogibhir-Dhyaana-Gamyam
VandeVissnnumBhava-Bhaya-Haram Sarva-Loka-Eka-Naatham ||


We salute to the serene appearing lord Sri Vishnu, Who Rests on the Adisesha serpent, Who has a lotus emerging from His Navel and Who is the Lord of the Devas. The lord Who Sustains the Universe, Who is Boundless and Infinite like the Sky, Whose Colour is like the Cloud (greyish) and Who has a Beautiful and Auspicious Body. The Husband of goddess Lakshmi, Whose Eyes are like Lotus and Who is Attainable to the Yogis by Meditation. Salutations to That Vishnu Who Removes the Fear of Worldly Existence and Who is the Lord of All the Lokas.

The above mentioned shloka says it all. Lord Vishnu the protector is depicted here sleeping on the Sesha nag with conch(sankha), lotus(Padma), chakra(sudarshan) and gadda in his four arms and from his navel emerges the creator God Lord Brahma sitting on a lotus. Massaging his feet is goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of beauty and wealth who also is the wife of lord Vishnu. He is believed to be resting on the milky way galaxy guarding the whole universe which is his creation.

So feel protected under the blessings of the protector around your office and house premises.

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Height: 14.5in    Width: 18in    Length: 5in
Stone Type


You can use this statue for decoration, puja or gifting purpose.

Statue Care

Simply dust the statue with a small cotton hand broom periodically to keep any dirt from accumulating.

Statue Height

15", 1.5 ft