Maa Kali – Paper Mache Mask

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    Goddess Kali is the mother of the world and the treasure-house of compassion. She is generally pictured in dark formlessness. She is the embodiment of three gunas (qualities of nature): the sattvaguna (quality of goodness and purity), the rajas (passion and activity), and is the destroyer of tamas (ignorance and inertia). Her complexion is as dark a deep blue sky; she is as limitless as the sea. Her ever smiling face depicts that she is ever-blissful. Her white teeth symbolize serenity; her red protruding tongue, activity. The goddess is benign, serene and merciful to her devotees and she protects them from all harm bestowing prosperity and success.

    So bring this paper mache mask home to prevent any bad omen from affecting the peace of your house.

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